4 Vitamins for Hair that You Should Know Of

Types of vitamins for your hair

We may not be aware, but the lack of vitamins for hair and hair loss go hand in hand. Your lifestyle will also determine whether your hair is healthy or dry and dull. The more nutritious foods you eat, the healthier your hair will look and feel. Some of the vitamins that help a normal growth and keep your hair are vitamins: B, E, A and C.

Vitamins B

These are essential for healthy growth. They are preferentially found in fresh fruit, meat, fish and whole grains. These vitamins dissolve in the liquid so the likelihood of accumulation in the body is virtually non-existent. There are several vitamins for hair of the type B complex that are very growth-promoting and stop hair loss.

One of them is niacin, also known as B-3. The facilitation of blood circulation to the scalp is one of its benefits.

In addition, Panthenol B-5 is considered to be good for stopping your hair loss and helping it to grow back. Also, biotin or B-7 is part of the B complex. It is typically found in egg yolks, milk, cereals, and liver. Lack of this nutrient can cause dermatitis as well as hair loss.

Vitamin E

This is one of the most studied vitamins for hair to combat baldness. The findings of the researchers have shown that it is an essential nutrient to prevent hair loss. Vitamin E is found mainly in systematic grains, dried fruits and green leafy vegetables. It is also an antioxidant. It also increases the circulation of blood in the scalp. When blood is increased in this area, the follicles receive more vitamins and nutrients. This helps them to be healthier, stronger and decrease hair loss.

Vitamin A

What is the role of vitamin A? In addition to promoting your overall health, this nutrient helps the follicles and maintains the right balance of oil. It is found in orange, yellow and red vegetables, as well as eggs, liver and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C

It is likely to associate more with the great work you do to cure colds. However, it is good for hair too. The presence of vitamin C will help the hair become stronger and also helps maintain healthy follicles that promote growth.

As you can see, vitamins and hair loss are connected directly. Without good nutrition you are not only going to be very sick and without energy, but this can also increase the chances of your hair loss.


An important detail arises from this planning. It is very important that the diet is established from the vitamins previously mentioned. A gentle diet based on natural establishments such as fruits and vegetables will allow the persistence of a beautiful hair over time.

Vitamins for hair can also be obtained through vitamin supplement like Nuviante. It is one of the main hair loss treatments in the form of consumption of supplements. Its ingredients – which are vitamins and nutrients, prevent hair loss.

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