How To Clear Your House From Negative Energy

how to get rid of negative energy

Have you ever walked into a house and felt uneasy?

Was the house damp, dark or cluttered?

Had the house been occupied previously by another owner?

These examples could all be signs that there are negative energies in your house or a house you have been in.

You don’t want to be around negative energy, and you definitely do not want to be living in a place that holds a lot of negative energies because this will ultimately bring your own energy down. You may start to feel tired, emotional, depressed, lethargic or angry.

You may also have noticed that a particular person can cause you to feel as if they have “sucked all the energy out of you” or your conversation. Be mindful about how other people treat you, and notice what emotions you feel after you hang out with people.

It is important to maintain a positive energy field around yourself. Humans are made up of energy and our whole world runs on energy. Even the food you eat gives you energy.

You may feel rejuvenated after eating a banana in the sun while doing yoga with your bestie. This is because all these things have a positive energy and we need to balance our life with things that lift our vibrations.

Do you need to rejuvenate? Why not give yourself a homemade spa day!

Healthy whole foods + fresh air + exercise + positive people = Higher vibrations & happy life

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